Je me souviens.


I am not a writer. I am not a professional photographer. I am candidly writing for expression's sake...

Before this blog went "live," I was packing my bags for a nice weekend trip to quebéc. I felt a little bit anxious carrying a traveler's bag valuing roughly $1300+ worth of gear inside, but it did not overwhelm my feelings of excitement for the journey that was about to begin. 3 days. 3 days of bus rides, shuffling feet, and consuming as much food as possible. Sounds just about what I would expect, right?

I shoved my D3300 along with 2 different lenses (18-55mm & 35mm; however, there's a crop factor of 1.5x.), and just as I was about to slide my MBP in, I remembered briefly of my a photography blog my cousin's cousin showed me a couple of weeks ago...

I do not know why I would remember it at a time like this, but it was summer, felt happy-go-lucky, and decided, "Hey. Why don't I just create a blog real quick before I go, but I'm just gonna leave it the way it is and play around with it later." 10 minutes later, I left to catch a bus in NYC for my 8~ hour trip to montreal, owning the blog 

I have gone before, to quebéc that is, but only once (which was last year.) I could not remember a happier time in the summer where I was traveling. What is not to love about a bilingual part of canada, and everyone is just too friendly? Heck. It was presidential debate season, but nobody complained about americans immigrating to canada. But that is none of my business, and really, politics is certainly not my cup of tea. I'm only interested in the ones making fun of politics. Anyways, this trip should be a time for maximum relaxation and free of mind.

I've had a lot on my mind lately. Mostly bad. But those thoughts are slowly going away as time progresses. This could easily be something else for another time.


It's currently 12:58AM (as I am typing this) after I have returned from my trip, and I cannot express how deeply this beautiful province is. It is unfathomable how passing through acres and acres of farmland on the road, the cleanliness of the sweet air, and the rural vibe being present everywhere you go just puts a person in a state of mind. This fucked me over in a good way. A much needed way. Being in such a place virtually wiped out all the bad and the ugly and the stress in my head. And I was seeing something completely new. If I ever get the chance to live my life here... I would do so in a heartbeat. This put a vision in my head for hours as I gazed upon fields of yellow grass out the bus window:

I see a medium-sized house. Modern, but not so much where traditional elements cease to exist.

It sits in a wide-open field, close from montreal but far away where life is still and stuck in time.

I would live here with my family, the wife and two children. It does not matter if they are both girls/boys or one of each. I will love them both no matter what.

And a dog too. Samoyed.

We would just free to be ourselves, playing in the tall grass, eating local, and dancing in the moonlight.

During some days, our whole family could goto montreal and have some quality time playing or biking or whatever the kids want to do. And at some late nights, I could have intimate dates with the wife and stroll along the streets of the city. From the old part of montreal to the new, speaking some French here and there.

I just want a life that is carefree, away from all the stress.

Something everlasting...

But I first have to grind away at this part of my life as a Nursing student going into college. There's still plenty of time to think about all that.