The Open Mic Night

Last Tuesday was the very first Open Mic Night at Linden. It was already amazing because it was hosted where I was dorming, and we had this lovely and intimate coffeehouse. My roommate and I were not initially there at the start of the event; however, we decided to go have some fun before we went. 

It started with a single Snap Story of a sign posted on someone's dorm door saying "Knock 3 times to hang out! We have ice pops & Cards Against Humanity! - Sam + Courtney," and in the end of it officially signed a happy face...

Proceeding the three knocks on the door there was a brief silence and then a fun-filled greeting of several voices. We both walked in, and for more than an hour, we played CaH, ate ice pops, told some witty (and some shitty) jokes, and overall had a great time with newly-made friends.

After we laughed our asses off from stupid blurbs posted on white and black cards, some of us headed to Open Mic Night. As we entered through the doors of the dim coffeehouse, the whole atmosphere changed. The scent of brewed coffee steaming from the hands of many, the dark, yet comfortable lighting situation of the entirety of the place, the crowd bundled in awe watching people perform on stage... It was magical. I had recognized many of the people that were there, whether they were playing or observing, and the whole thing felt so right and belonging.

A few bands performed, especially the freestyle rap one; that was absolutely cool. There were many soloists that sang and played, but my favorite had to be Jerard Guevarra hands down, a very chill, very stylish person with cool blue hair (or was it periwinkle? I don't remember.) 

My friend Deanna, who had sat down next to me while I was writing this part, reminded me of his guise of an anime character and I chuckled at the striking resemblance.

He sang an emotional original that surprised the whole crowd. I didn't want to ugly cry...

I'll leave his Youtube channel right here: Jerard's YT Channel

Spencer Monaco transitioned the coffeehouse scene into a poetry slam, and the crowd "snapped" it all up. Cool stuff bro. Someone spat some bars... it was alright. It was turnt up in Linden. This night just so reflects how passionate and how big the music scene is here at 'Po. It's a community where there is an invisible, talented world that coexists with reality, and events, like open mic night, break expectations and barriers. 

And I wanted to be a part of it.

I took action of joining the College Programming Board Committee (CPB) so I can collaborate with my friend Noah who is running for an important position in Student Government Association; we're both going to expand the music scene here if we can. I am also a part of Ramapo's Chamber Ensemble, currently double-dipping in violin and piano performance. Ramapo Chorale is super duper fun, and there's a lot of warmth with everyone there...

After rehearsal there was karaoke and free pizza, but I stole one slice and left for the gym because priorities :/ #sorryimstillonthegrind

The band stories can be saved for another time because I don't think you want to read 2 more pages of this. But for a tl;dr, I'm really excited to start and be in one. I'm really excited for my future, and it's only the beginning.

I need sleep, so I'll end it here.
And as always, don't forget to wear your seatbelt!