More Jerard is Best Jerard: Another Open Mic Night Story

Jerard Louis Dayanghirang Guevarra. Jerard Louis Dayanghirang Guevarra. Jerard Louis Dayanghirang Guevarra...

Woah, and I thought Mitchell Ryan Diaz-Manansala was long.

When I first mentioned Jerard in my blog, I didn't know what to expect. I had asked him minutes before I pressed 'publish' if I could have permission to mention him and all the other people I've mentioned in my open mic post. Jerard was very very very happy to know that I was writing about him, and it made me feel amazing to know that. We haven't met in person before, but I heard from some of my close friends about him. I'd hope to see him the next open mic.

I walked into the coffeehouse on a Thursday night with a couple of friends, including my roommate who was also going to perform later. Again, the smell of coffee and the crowd of people filled the space with warm, belonging vibes. The very first act we've stumbled upon arriving was an acoustic rendition of everyone's favorite Smash Mouth song, All Star.

I wanted to die plug my ears :)

There's nothing like a good surprise once in a while. We were all standing and waiting during an intermission. It was actually very warm and my palms were feeling clammy all of a sudden. This felt weird, but I liked it. This brings up one of many important things about me that I could share publicly (feel free to skip this block if you want to read the rest of the story):

Feeling comfortable is a bad thing. Feeling uncomfortable gets you going.

Now I can quote some spectacular thing Casey Neistat had said about feeling comfortable in life, but I'm too lazy too watch any of his vlogs anymore. Don't get me wrong; he's an inspirational guy, but I don't want to watch 100+ of his videos trying to find that specific part.


if you ever feel like you are comfortable in a situation, and you're thinking of changing into pj's and sipping hot tea or something, you are missing out on opportunities. What specifically? I'm talking about ways to improve yourself by becoming uncomfortable in situations and adapting to them.

There's never a good reason NOT to get better in life, whether that is improving on a certain physical skill, getting to know others well, or even learning how to improve better. If you're sticking to being comfortable, you've stopped all cases of exploring how infinitely you could approach your life. You're wasting precious time in this world; life is short. Be prepared to be in a lot of situations and other things in life that can make you/break you because you'll be in a certain time when you are with others, and you are the only one able to seek a way achieve this, complete that, and etc. Or, you may be by yourself in a situation, and it will feel like you can take on anything because you've experienced it before. 

Always find hope in yourself to find a way. It's there. Be patient and just keep looking...

I hear a voice nearby and was suddenly surprised by Jerard's warm welcome. We talked about my blog post on him, and he was really delighted by it and had posted it on his Facebook. Nothing felt more amazing than something like this blog, made just several weeks ago, get shared by someone online. That first spark of conversation in the coffeehouse eventually lead to a much closer friendship between us, and I am happy that I can talk about all things personal with him. It's like having the older brother I never had.

P.S. I've always wanted an older sibling growing up so I can see through their experiences and learn about the reality of life early on.

Jerard Louis Dayanghirang Guevarra (if you're reading this), you're going to wonderful places. Follow your heart.

I'm honestly pretty shitty at updating my blog every week, but I'm seeing what I can do based on my busy college schedule.
And don't forget to wear your seatbelt.