The E-mail

Dear Mr. D,

    It has seemingly felt like I have left BHS just yesterday; however, it really has only been a few months ago since graduation. I just never knew how well high school would prepare me for college -- and ultimately for my future. I would say that it has certainly been the most momentous and most satisfying experience of my life currently. Here, at Ramapo College currently pursuing as a Nursing major, I would have never expected to have continued my love for music the way I loved music back in Bergenfield. In fact, it has been an opportunistic journey:
  • Ramapo College has its own Chamber Ensemble, dedicated to intermediate/high-level performance. I am currently both in violin and piano performance, collaborating in fun duets and trios. My professor for the class (the amazing violinist Jee Sun Lee, who had also noticed and fixed a misalignment of my bridge the first day of class,) had offered me not only challenging music to read and play but her class as a whole had offered me a whole new perspective of musical styles and backgrounds. I cannot wait to once again fit into a tux and play!
  • Ramapo College also has their very own Chorale (Ramapo Chorale) and select vocal ensembles:
    • the honors vocal ensemble equivalent named cantaNOVA
    • the men's group, Take12
    • finally the women's group, Skylark

         Out of pure curiosity of joining the chorale, I had decided to attend one of their rehearsals during the first week of school. Since then, I have found myself going to every single rehearsal -- singing as a Tenor I part. The choir is a great size of around 40 members, all who are very welcoming and fun to sing with. Dr. Lisa Lutter, who is the most sweetest and most extraordinary of professors at Ramapo, understands where I come from in a musical context and has only been ever so kind to me. As a result of this, despite having not a single interest in auditioning for the select vocal groups due to my fear of not having enough time in my academic schedule, she has granted me a place in both cantaNOVA and Take12. I was in shock for her decision. Both groups, which have very difficult, but manageable repertoire, has drastically improved my singing and musical knowledge.

In fact, it would only make sense for this particular year to be so difficult for all of us because during the month of April 2018 we have been selected to perform at Lincoln Center with world-renowned composer/conductor, Eric Whitacre, performing several pieces of his. This is amazing and terrifying at the same time...

    In other news, I had recently bought tickets from the college itself to see the NJSO perform at NJPAC last Saturday, showcasing Beethoven's Symphony No. 5. I grabbed a couple of friends, went to Newark, and entered the venue. Little did I knew that I had scored FRONT ROW SEATS at the PAC (best $5 I had ever spent!) And I can tell you it was worth it:

My view, inches away from the piano... Click!:


    I terribly miss BHS and the music department, but I hope I can visit the orchestra and everyone someday soon! I hear lots of great things so far this year, and I wish I can be there to see it all one day. I'm certainly coming to the Holiday Concert and Pops Concert (and hopefully the chamber ensemble concert too!) My college experience, to summarize, is not all about where you go. It really is about how you make it. I thank you and all my years at Bergenfield for the experiences that have led me to this exciting point in my life.


p.s. Ms. Thoman, if you see this e-mail, Dr. Lisa Lutter still remembers you dearly and is happy that you are teaching at BHS!